What Forms Of Payment Does Tytann Accept?

We accept Cash, Check,Or Credit Card Payments for the deposit and final payment.

How can I avoid Tire Marks in my new asphalt?

Your new asphalt will be very pliable. Do not drive on the new asphalt for 1 week. Do not park on the new asphalt for 30 days.

Please do not put items like chairs, bike kick stands, gabs grills, portable basketball nets, former pots on the new asphalt. Those items will cause imperfections in the new asphalt.

Can I add a new layer of asphalt over my existing driveway?

We do not recommend overlaying residential driveways. The base under the new asphalt helps determine how long it will last. Installing new asphalt over bad asphalt will cause the new asphalt layer to fail prematurely

How Thick should my driveway be?

Residential driveways should be between 2-3″ thick after compaction.

Should I sealcoat my new asphalt?

We recommend waiting at least 1 full summer after your asphalt is installed before sealcoating.

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